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Who does Cyberotix work with?


Just about anyone. We’ve partnered with businesses (small and large), entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, global brands, government and international agencies, you name it! We’ve also done a number of projects in the fields of retail, eCommerce, luxury goods, hospitality, arts, automotive, healthcare, research/sciences, industrial/manufacturing, and everything in between.

Where should I be located to work with Cyberotix?


You can be located (almost) anywhere on the planet, as long as you have a reliable internet connection!

Where is Cyberotix located?


Office# 203, 2nd Floor, Plot# 7-C/I, Main Khy-e-ittehad, Phase 7 DHA, Karachi , Pakistan

Do you work with clients in countries outside of the Pakistan?


We certainly do! We've partnered with many businesses and organizations from all over the world. We are fully prepared to serve international and multinational clients as equally as our domestic clientele.

Does Cyberotix charge me to receive a proposal?


No! Our proposals are always free. However, proposals do have a 1-month expiration, so your project cost might need to be reevaluated if committing after the proposal expires.

How does Cyberotix communicate with clients? How do I communicate with Cyberotix?


We believe that effective communication is essential for business success. Each project has a communication plan. Some projects will require weekly or bi-weekly meetings, while many others may only require meetings in between milestones. We prefer to communicate in the most straightforward and efficient manner for the respective purpose. As such, for project related meetings, we generally use video-conferencing with Google Meet, Jitsi, or Zoom. All other general communication can be conducted by phone, email, or even in-person if the client's location allows it.

Can you give me a fixed-price quote?


Yes, this is our preferred method of billing and budgeting. We collaborate with you to establish a clear project scope before providing you with a fixed-price estimate to complete the work. Once the scope is established, you can rely on us to produce exactly what has been ordered, at the exact price. There are no hidden fees or costs, and everything is straightforward and plain.

Does Cyberotix take ownership of the project's intellectual property once it's finished?


Certainly not. When the final payment is made, all ownership of the project is transferred to the client, and everything we created for that project becomes their property.


Will my website be responsive? Will they work on mobile devices?


Yes, all of our websites are built to be responsive. The only exceptions are special cases (things like art installations, interactive experiences, digital signage) where something is being built for a specific device.

Do you employ the use of templates?


No, we custom design websites from A to Z, based on the customer’s needs and goals for each project.

How much does a website cost?


Just contact us! We can give you a rough idea based on your needs, or a free proposal with more accurate pricing, once you’re ready for that.

Do you build web applications too?


Yes, we have built several custom platforms and web apps for industries such as hospitality, healthcare, eCommerce, manufacturing, and more.


Is Cyberotix currently hiring new team members?


Yes, we are constantly on the lookout for rare gems to join our team. Send us your application, resume/CV, and portfolio by

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